Veta Wade Selected as Montserrat’s Island Innovation Ambassador for the Virtual Island Summit 2020

Ocean Advocate, Veta Wade was chosen by Forbes Under 30, entrepreneur James Ellesmoor  to represent the island of Montserrat in this year’s Island Innovation Ambassador cohort. Miss Wade will be working with 100+ sustainability activists and innovators globally, to deliver the 2020 Virtual Island Summit, which will be held online, from 7- 13 September.

The Ambassadors, which are considered the face of Island innovation, will work closely together over the next six months. They will represent their country and network with policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and NGO leaders while gaining industry experience and global exposure.

Miss Wade commented, ‘’The Virtual Summit, is a perfect example of how we can build strong global collaborations irrespective of size and geographic location.’’  She explained, ‘’Montserrat is tiny in the family of island states and territories from across every corner of the world, but we are connected with one thing in common – we are all facing the most critical sustainability challenges of our time, each of our islands holding the key to the required solutions.  The sustainable blue economy (how we use our ocean, without using up) is just one such emerging issue, that is vital to our island futures, and for which I am proud to champion as an Ambassador for the Summit.

“As we come out of the Covid-19 crisis, shared solutions and innovative ideas will become increasingly critical. My ambassadorship allows me to be a part of a strong digital bridge, and I’m really excited and grateful to be on board.  I look forward to keeping our local and online community and stakeholders updated as the summit planning progresses,’’ – Miss Wade, Blue Economy Outreach Consultant and Ocean Awards 2020 Finalist.

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