You can fly into Montserrat via two airlines and a helicopter service. We suggest flying in so you can capture the breathtaking view of Montserrat and leave via the ferry so you can stretch those final memories of the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

Governor, It’s a Matter of Confidence

Dear Governor Pearce,

During last Friday’s press conference to discuss the findings of the air accident involving Fly Montserrat last September you expressed confidence that Air Safety Support International (ASSI) had delivered a thoroughly and professionally investigated report.

You also expressed confidence in Fly Montserrat’s General Manager, Nigel Harris’ recount of the alleged incident which occurred last Sunday at the V.C. Bird International Airport.

The question which was posed to you by several media outlets during the press conference remains unanswered. What is to be done to ensure that Fly Montserrat is no longer the subject of these increasing “incidents”?

You chose to disparage the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority stating as it was downgraded by the United States it was not fit to conduct it’s own investigation of the September 2019 incident to ensure that the facts are presented without the heavy cloud of bias which hangs over it.

How are we to restore confidence in the travelling public that the airline which bears this island’s name can be trusted? Where is the confidence that you are doing your job fairly and without prejudice when since December 2019 your press conferences have turned into battlegrounds with media who challenge the position you have taken?

It is a matter of confidence Sir and right now we have none in this airline or in you.