Montserrat Red Cross Launches $300 Food Vouchers for Children

Parents with children under the age of 18 are being encouraged to collect a food voucher from the Montserrat Red Cross. You must be registered with Social Services to qualify.

Starting today, Monday July 6, 2020, the Red Cross will be distributing vouchers to parents and guardians in the amount of $300 per child.

Director of the Montserrat Red Cross, Glenn Francis said that they have been working with the Social Services Department throughout the COVID-19 crisis to distribute food packages. One of the limitations was that a flat fee was given to each household regardless to how many children were in the home. This was something the charity did not feel met their mandate of alleviating suffering. He added that, the Red Cross spent more than $8000 in relief support during the height of the crisis. The need for more support was clear, he said, and his organisation applied for funding which was approved in the amount of EC$101,000 to allow them to assist families regardless of the number of children in the home.

The programme provides for $300 for each child in the household under the age of 18. There is no need to apply, Francis explained as they will be using the same list that Social Services has been using to grant relief. Each potential beneficiary however, must do the following:

  • Ask Social Services to share their data with the Montserrat Red Cross
  • Request support for only children under the age of 18
  • Allow Red Cross to share their data with Social Services.

No cash will be given. Each voucher is redeemable at the beneficiary’s supermarket choice. While it is a one-off voucher, the head of household has until October 6, 2020 to spend the vouchers. Any vouchers not spent after that date will be forfeited.

Vouchers are written in name of the head of household, with the understanding monies are being paid to support the children.

Voucher distribution begins today July 6, 2020.

Call the Montserrat Red Cross for more information at 491-2699/3799.

The Montserrat Red Cross is also in need of more financial donations as well as volunteers. To learn more about the Montserrat Red Cross follow them on Facebook –