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Montserrat National Museum Hosting Arrow’s Style & Fashion Exhibit

The late Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell, the Soca King of the World was known for his style and fashion. This Saturday, the Montserrat National Museum will open a week-long exhibition to celebrate this iconic musician and Montserrat’s third national hero’s unique flair.
Ten to One is Murder: Arrow’s Style and Fashion will officially open at 5PM on Saturday, October 17 at the museum in Little Bay. The public is asked to wear T-shirts and other merchandise they purchased at Arrow’s Manshop back in the day.

Museum Curator Dr. Clarice Barnes said it has been a decade since “our beloved Arrow left us. Arrow is an important figure for Montserrat’s contemporary history. A portion of his legacy was style and fashion and his contributions as an entrepreneur.”

Arrow screenshot from YouTube
Arrow screenshot from YouTube

Barnes shared on The Morning Show with Basil Chambers that whenever he appeared on stage, Arrow was always dazzling and well fitted. He was very precise, she added, in the way he sold himself and sold Montserrat.

The historian said in the same way that Montserratians and people across the world keep Arrow’s music alive, so must we tell the story of him as a businessman and fashion icon. The curator said just as the fashion and work of Prince and Michael Jackson are revered and protected as part of pop culture’s history, the same must be done for Arrow as part of his musical legacy and Montserrat’s heritage.

Arrow not only ensured his was already ready for the stage but his Manshop was the go-to place for men of Montserrat, Barnes recalled. She believes younger nationals should study his work as an entertainer but also a business man.

Arrow made famous the saying ten to one its murder as he was always offering deals in the shop. For one week, residents will be able to visit the museum to see another aspect of the iconic musician and businessman.

Arrow screenshot from YouTube
Arrow screenshot from YouTube

Entry for adults is $10 and $5 for children.

Opening hours at the Montserrat National Museum in Little Bay for this exhibit: Saturday, October 17 – Opening at 5PM, Sunday 10AM to 5PM and Monday, October 19 to Saturday October 24 from 9AM to 5PM.



Wednesday October 14, 2020 “Dr. Clarice Barnes Invites Public to Upcoming Arrow Style and Fashion Exhibition at National Museum”