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Win Cash Prizes in Montserrat’s CARICOM Energy Month Competitions

The Energy Unit, in the Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour will be conducting a number of activities during the month of November in observance of CARICOM Energy Month.
CARICOM Energy Month (CEM) is an annual event aimed at improving persons awareness and demonstrating the importance of sustainable, secure and affordable energy.
According to a Government of Montserrat press release, the Energy Unit is aiming to not only demonstrate the importance of renewable energy resources through theoretical examples, but also via hands-on experiences. Director of Energy, Kenrick Burke noted that this form of capacity building, especially with the youth, is critical to achieve the energy goals set out for Montserrat.
The activities for CARICOM Energy Month will begin on Sunday November 1st with a Church Service at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Look Out. This will be followed by an opening address by the Minister of Energy, Dr. Samuel Joseph on Monday November 2 to declare the month of activities officially open.
Activities during the month will also include a logo, poster, poetry and video competitions.
Energy Unit Logo Competition
The Logo Competition, is aimed at involving the public in developing a logo for the Energy Unit. The completion is open to individuals from the secondary school and college students, as well as the general public.
Logos are to be submitted via email to Marissa Allen at the Energy Unit at ( with your name, address and telephone number. The closing date for submission is November 13, 2020.
However, please note that once submitted, the logo becomes the property of MCWEL.
The Unit will not be bound to using the winning logo but can choose the best features from the submissions to be incorporated into the Unit’s final logo.
First place will receive EC$750.00; second and third place entries will receive EC$500.00 and EC$250.00 respectively.

Poster Competition
The poster competition will be conducted in two categories, primary school and secondary school. Students will be required to create a poster depicting the theme “Securing Montserrat’s resilience through Renewable Energy”, accompanied with a brief explanation of what is depicted in their posters. Submissions should be made to
the Principal at the schools and must be submitted by November 13, 2020.
The winning posters will be announced at the end of the month, with prizes to be distributed as follows:

Position Primary – Prize Money (Gift vouchers)

  1. EC$ 300.00
  2. EC$ 200.00
  3. EC$ 100.00

Secondary – Prize Money (Gift vouchers)

  1. EC$ 500.00
  2. EC$ 300.00
  3. EC$ 200.00

Facebook Video Competition

This competition will be open to schools and the general public, where persons will be encouraged to record a two-minute video centered around the theme “Securing Montserrat’s resilience through Renewable Energy”. Schools can undertake this task as a class project.

The winning video will be select based on two criteria; 40% from Facebook likes & views, and 60% from the scores of three appointed judges. The Facebook likes and views will be recorded at 3:00pm Friday November 13, 2020. The winner will be announced at the of the month.

Please note, the participants will be required to post their videos on their Facebook page and tag the Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour – Montserrat page (@MCWELMontserrat). The winner of the video completion will receive EC$750.00, while individuals who place second and third will be awarded EC$500.00 and EC$250.00 respectively.

Poetry Competition
The poetry competition will be open to Secondary School students and the general public. Participants are expected to write a poem with no more than five stanzas centered around the theme “Securing Montserrat’s resilience through Renewable Energy”.  The entries must be submitted on or before November 13. The winning poem will be announced at the end of the month and cash prizes of EC$500.00; EC$300.00 and $EC200.00 will be awarded to the first, second and third place entries, correspondingly.

Other activities during the month will include a School Lecture Series targeting students in Form 5 at the Montserrat Secondary School and, Grade 6 students at the Primary Level. Using Renewable Energy (RE) demonstration kits, students will be introduced to working principles of harnessing different renewable energy sources.
The students at the secondary level will also be exposed to some of the software used to designs and simulation generation output from various RE technology.
A weekly radio quiz and school tour of energy assets are also included in the list of activities.
Throughout the Caribbean, different initiatives are being conducted to improve energy efficiency and increase the penetration of renewable energy (RE).