Governor Andy Pearce

Governor Pearce to Handover Playground Equipment and Supplies to Local Schools in November

Over the course of 2019/2020, the Governor’s Office, through the UK’s International Programme Fund, has worked closely with the the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports on a series of projects to help the children of Montserrat learn and grow. The aims of these projects are to support the healthy development of children through play, build new skills through hands on experiences and raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment.
The projects include procurement of playground equipment in the early childhood sector, support for the refurbishment and upgrading of farming plots in primary schools and the design and production of a cotton, reusable bag-for-life featuring plants and animals found on Montserrat for each child.
His Excellency the Governor, Andy Pearce, along with a small contingent of officials from the Ministry will conduct a series of school visits over the course of November, to see the delivery of these projects and to provide the schools with additional learning materials. The visiting party will visit one primary school/ secondary school per week.
The Governor’s Office, the Ministry and the Administrators of the schools are working closely together to ensure each visit is conducted in a safe and secure way while we are still managing COVID-19.