Cuban Medical Team arrives on Montserrat (GIU Photo)

Cuban Medical Team Providing Valuable Service, Montserrat Requests Extension

The Ministry of Health confirmed Friday they have requested that the services of the Cuban medical team be extended for an additional three months.

Permanent Secretary of Health Camille Thomas-Gerald said the team of five doctors and eight nurses has been delivering extremely good service to the island’s residents. Both the OBGYN and pediatrician have been busy and the PS said providing these women’s services has been extremely successful. The internist has also been adding a valuable service to the patients managing diabetes and hypertension. Montserrat has been without a registered pediatrician, OBGYN and internist for quite some time.

The Cuban ended the initial three-month agreement on October 21. An extension until January 21, 2021 has been submitted to the UK Government for consideration.

Currently, team members receive a stipend, while the government covers their accommodations, one daily meal and transportation. The PS said the Cuban government has agreed to a reduced financial compensation and they await a decision from the UK on a way forward. There are no plans at this time for considering the team for filling the vacant posts which are on the government establishment. Thomas-Gerald said funds from these posts have been redirected to handle the increased financial pressure from the COVID-19 crisis.