Local Student Athletes Receive GEM Foundation Sports Grants

First GEM Sports scholarship recipients – Shawn Greenway (left) and Rajon Gerald

The GEM Sports Foundation has announced the first two recipients of their Scholarship and Mentorship Programme. Each student-athlete will be awarded a one-off bursary of One Thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars along with lifelong mentorship to support their sports, career and/or life aspirations.

Rajon Gerald, a 12-year-old student at the Montserrat Secondary School is a promising young talent who is actively involved in cricket, basketball, and football. His primary interest however is basketball, and he endeavors to become a professional basketball player.

Shawn Greenway is a 14-year-old all-round student-athlete at the Montserrat Secondary School. His primary interest is football, and he is currently a national player who aspires to be as good as his sporting heroes- Ronaldo and Messi.

Both Recipients were awarded their scholarships at a brief award ceremony on December 23, 2020.

The Board Members expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported the work of the Foundation adding, special congratulations to the 2020 Recipients and their families.

The Foundation said it  eagerly anticipates working closely with the Awardees to Go the Extra Mile.