Montserrat to Welcome Vaccinated Visitors From October 1, 2021

Montserrat is slowly adjusting its requirements for border entry. Premier Joseph E. Farrell announced Tuesday that when the current Public Health Order expires on September 30, 2021, Cabinet has agreed to allow entry to vaccinated visitors from October 1, 2021.

Visitors is defined by anyone outside the current list of permitted arrivals. Montserrat nationals will continue to be allowed to enter whether they are vaccinated or not. Technicians and other individuals as spelled out in the Public Health Order will be permitted.

Warren Solomon, Director of the Montserrat Tourism Division said “We are pleased with the Cabinet’s decision to announce the re-opening of the borders to vaccinated visitors, and we will be further guided by the details on this, which we can now expect in the next SR&O.

“The Tourism Division and our stakeholders now have the opportunity to craft a different communications message to our international travel and media partners and to consumers for the first time in 17 months. This also ties in very nicely with our upcoming Montserrat Service Ready Training Series, as it means that the information and knowledge obtained from the workshops would be fresh in the minds of our local service providers,” the director added.

A negative RNA/PCR COVID-19 test taken no earlier than five days before arrival is required by visitors, along with online registration and pre-clearance from health and immigration authorities.

Anyone expecting to visit Montserrat must complete the online forms no later than three days before booking a ticket to enter. A link to the registration form is on the home page of the Government website at

Fully vaccinated arrivals quarantine for five days with a release test on Day 4 and will only be released if the test is negative.

Unvaccinated arrivals will be tested at the port of entry and must go into a 14-day quarantine with a test done on Day 13 and release on Day 14 only if tested negative.

Government will also be increasing the public gathering numbers from 50 to 75 people.

Social distancing in business places such as banks and supermarkets will be reduced to three feet with a strict mask mandate. Masks must be worn by everyone entering a business.