New Board of Trustees for Montserrat Red Cross

At the Annual General Meeting for the Montserrat Red Cross, held on Thursday, February 23, 2022, a new board of trustees was elected.

New Board Members elected are: Harjinder Jutle, Sharmen Thompson, Amelda Nelson, and Edris Wade.

Returning Board Members: Susan Edgecombe, Bishop Melroy Meade, Shelly Isles, and Elizabeth Piper Wade.

New Officers Elected: Elizabeth Piper-Wade as Chairperson, Harjinder Jutle as Vice Chairperson, Sharmen Thompson – Secretary, and Amelda Nelson – Assistant Secretary.

According to a statement from Director Glenn Francis, the position of treasurer remains vacant.

Elizabeth Piper Wade and Sharmen Thompson succeed Mylikhia McKenzie-Weekes and Ingrid Osborne who have served their full tenure as members of the board of trustees.