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Sixteen People Complete Domestic Plumbing Programme

Sixteen individuals completed the Department of Labour’s Advance Training in Domestic Plumbing Programme last week.

The training was conducted from March 7th to March 25th, 2022 and was organized as part of the Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy’s mandate to assist in the overall development of the workforce in Montserrat.

The Department held the closing ceremony for the programme on Friday. During her remarks at the ceremony, Acting Minister for Communication, Works, Labour and Energy, Veronica Dorsette-Hector, urged the participants, which included three females, to “make good use of their new skills for their personal development and the development of Montserrat.”

The programme was facilitated by Mr. Emile Duberry of Emerald Plumbing Hardware & Services.

Photographs from the closing ceremony can be found on the Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour’s Facebook at: