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What Do You Know About Montserrat’s Constitution? Take the Survey

The secretariat for the Constitution and Commissions of Montserrat is conducting research to evaluate public knowledge of the Montserrat Constitution.

The island’s constitution came into force in 2010. As the principal law for Montserrat, all other laws emanate from this umbrella legislation. It sets out the provisions for how the island should be governed and provides guidelines for how citizens and residents must be treated. According to the secretariat, there are provisions to protect the rights of individuals in the legislation.

As the Constitution has now been operational for the last 12 years, the office wants to understand how residents view the legislation.

In keeping with the provision of s.114 (1) of the Constitution, the Electoral Commission is launching a survey to obtain feedback on the operations of the Constitution. The survey is divided into four categories of questions namely; (a) Human rights adherence, (b) Service delivery, (c) Executive and Legislative authority and (d) Good governance. 

 The survey will run until May 31, 2022.

The results will be submitted to the Legislative Assembly as referenced as 114.—(1) of the Constitution. 

Take the Survey here.