Speaker of the House Charliena White

Speaker of House Tests Positive for COVID-19

Speaker of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly Charliena White has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting.

According to a statement from her office, the Speaker tested positive on Friday July 22nd, 2022.

Speaker White is experiencing very mild symptoms and continues working from home. However, Deputy Speaker; Mrs. Veronica Dorsette-Hector will be assuming the duties of the Speaker for the upcoming sitting of Parliament scheduled for Tuesday 26th July 2022.

The speaker used the announcement to encourage everyone to continue being vigilant in observing safety precautions in fighting against COVID-19.

The health ministry reported 16 active cases last Friday with seven of the eight new cases being from local transmission.

COVID-19 can be severe and lead to long lasting complications or death. Residents should therefore take all measures to protect themselves from the virus by practicing good hand hygiene, adhering to quarantine and isolation protocols, and vaccinating against this potentially deadly virus.

Additionally, persons infected should seek medical attention at the earliest signs of severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and chest pains; by contacting the Flu-Hotline at 496-7437 or 493-4755