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Joseph Easton Taylor-Farrell is sworn in by Acting Governor Lyndell Simpson on Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

PAC Launches Inquiry into Deputy Governor’s Office

This Thursday, the public will be able to hear a live evidence session on the operations and financing of the Office of the Deputy Governor.

According to a release from the Montserrat Legislative Assembly, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has launched an inquiry into the operations office which is led by Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson.

Speaking at the launch of the Inquiry, Committee Chairman, Honourable Paul Lewis, MLA indicated that, “He is pleased that the Public Accounts Committee can continue to facilitate the process of transparency and accountability, as it relates to government expenditure. The Inquiry will be open to the public and a seated public gallery will be available for those who wish to attend the meeting. As well, the hearing will be aired on Radio Montserrat and carried live by Live Islands.”

According to Mr. Lewis, “The purpose of the inquiry is to scrutinise the operations and finances of the Office of the Deputy Governor with a view to making recommendations where necessary.”

Lewis told Discover Montserrat they want to see what has happened since the 2020 Audit was completed.

A public evidence session has been arranged for Thursday 28 July, 9:00am at the Brades Arts and Education Center, Montserrat.