Sign Up for the Energy Month Public Speaking Competition

Only a few days left to sign up to enter the Energy Month Public Speaking Competition.

You must indicate your interest by Friday, October 28 for the competition, slated for November 16, 2022.

Organised by the Energy Unit within the Ministry of Communication, Works and Labour, the competition is part of their activities for Energy Month.

Within the CARICOM region, November has been earmarked as Energy Month and it is held annually to increase awareness on energy consumption and to encourage energy saving actions. Throughout the Caribbean, different initiatives are being conducted to improve energy efficiency (EE) and increase the penetration of renewable energy (RE). This will result in greater energy security, while slowing down the adverse effects of climate change.

The theme for the November activities is “Transforming our Future Through Energy and ICT”.

Other planned activities include renewable power production demonstrations, a field trip, poster competition, diorama competition, a symposium and radio quizzes.

“This form of capacity building, especially with the youths, is critical in achieving the energy goals set out for Montserrat,” a release from the unit stated.

The unit believes the public speaking competition provides an excellent opportunity for students who are looking to display and master their public speaking skills.

Competitors should be under 25 years of age and can come from the public, be a student at the secondary school or community college.

Participants will be required to deliver an impromptu speech from a list of three topics given l0 minutes in advance. Participants should aim to speak for two to three minutes and not more than 3 minutes 30 seconds. Participants will NOT receive questions on their impromptu speech prior to the competition. Each participant’s name will be chosen randomly, and a topic will be selected.

Participants will be required to deliver a prepared speech within 10 minutes in support of or in disagreement with one of the topics below. Topics will be drawn randomly by the participants in advance of the competition. The proposed topics are as follows:
* Is climate change caused by human activity?
* Is geothermal energy the best form of indigenous energy to transform our country?
* Should lower efficiency light bulbs and appliances be illegal?
* Should there be a higher tax on gasoline to pay for the environmental effects of driving?

The following prizes will be awarded:
1st $400 + tablet
2nd $2SO + tablet
3rd $150 + tablet
A cash prize of $100 will be given to each participant.

The public speaking competition is scheduled for Wednesday 16th November 2022. The deadline to indicate interest is 28th October 2022.

Contact Oswen Carty Energy Officer at Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy by calling 49I-2521/2522 or via email: