Home in Brades with Christmas lights

Register for the 2022 Christmas Lighting Competition

The Montserrat Tourism Division in collaboration with the Montserrat Arts Council, Office of the Premier, will again be mounting its Christmas Lighting Competition. This is aimed at both residents and businesses, to help create a festive atmosphere on the island for the Christmas Season.

The Competition is open to interested householders and businesses in the following Categories:
 Residential Home Display
 Village or Community Display
 Business Display
 Just WOW – Most Creative (No specific theme, but just WOW!)

Interested people are asked to register their interest and collect details about the Competition from the Tourism Division, Brades or the Montserrat Arts Council, Little Bay by Friday, December 16, 2022, on either of the following contacts:
Montserrat Tourism Division – Tel: 491 4703/415 4700 – Email: info@montserrattourism.ms
Montserrat Arts Council -Tel: 491 8555/6 – Email: info@artscouncil.ms