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Police Commissioner Steve Foster to Retire March 2023

Governor Sarah Tucker announced today the Police Commissioner Steve Foster will retire in two months from the Royal Montserrat Police Service.

According to a statement from the governor, “The Police Commissioner and I have this week, reached agreement of his retirement from the RMPS and his role as Police Commissioner and Head of Immigration on the March 31, 2023.

“Mr Foster has passed the normal retirement age of officers and has given the RMPS over 38 years of service, with almost 16 of these as Police Commissioner. He has held regional positions, representing not only Montserrat, but other Caribbean countries, and in 2022 was voted President of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP).

“As president of the ACCP, Mr Foster was also appointed as the Regional Chair for Latin America, as well as the Caribbean lead on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) executive and has represented the Caribbean region internationally on behalf of IACP and ACCP. Mr Foster retires from these positions at the end of March.

“Governor Tucker expressed her thanks to the Commissioner for his long tenure in the RMPS and Immigration and for his strong commitment to continue to support any outstanding work over coming months.

“Mr Foster said he enjoyed all of his time in the Royal Montserrat Police Service, was pleased with the work he has completed on transformation and wished his successor all the very best for the future. Mr Foster expressed his heartfelt thanks to all of his officers, civilian staff and all departments he has worked with, and he will of course be happy to support as is needed,” the statement read.

The Commissioner Steve Foster will attend an overseas territory conference in Miami this weekend and represent the region for a final time in Dubai in March. An interim commissioner will be appointed as soon as is practicable to allow time for handover and to manage the RMPS whilst a full recruitment process takes place.