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Montserrat Tourism Division photo of paddle boarding.

Local Photographers Benefit from Workshop with Awarding-Winning Content Creator

Jeff Colhoun, an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer and social media content creator on Wednesday, delivered a photography workshop to 14 stakeholders including private photographers.

Attendees included staff from the Geographic Information System (GIS), Government Information Unit (GIU), and Disaster
Management Coordination Agency (DMCA).

The Montserrat Tourism Division is currently hosting the renowned photographer on a familiarization visit. His work is featured in publications such as Vacations and Travel, LA Times, Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal.

According to the MTD, the workshop was “well received by the attendees who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer. Jeff Colhoun provided guidance on techniques for editing, aesthetics, filming equipment, and shared industry trends that could help sharpen the photographic skills of participants.”

Lavern Rogers Ryan of GIS, expressed her appreciation for the workshop, stating that it was an eye-opener for her. She further added that she learnt a lot from Jeff and was excited to apply the techniques she learned in her future photography projects.

“I did not know what to expect when I turned up as an experienced photo/videographer. I was intrigued and also cherished Jeff’s review of our work as it gave a first-hand impression of how it would be interpreted objectively by an onlooker. I was able to learn from other participants’ submissions and sharpen skills I possessed through examples of real-world applications. Though a creatively subjective field, Jeff was able to impart his knowledge fluently and we each took what we needed to improve our workflow. Definitely an inspiring session and very grateful for the opportunity,” Roydenn Silcott of Hypnotik Graphics Ltd said.

The Tourism Division recognized that there are several talented photographers on the island with great potential, and partnering with Jeff Colhoun provided an excellent opportunity to share industry trends and help these photographers improve their skills. The workshop was timely, considering the growing interest in photography as a hobby and profession in Montserrat.

The Montserrat Tourism Division said it is “committed to supporting and promoting the island’s tourism industry and looks forward to organizing more workshops and events in the future that will benefit the local community and tourism sector.”