Critical Hurricane Preparedness Equipment Now Tax Exempt

The Government of Montserrat has approved the Hurricane Risk Reduction & Resilience Drive in preparation for the 2023 hurricane season. Through exemption from customs duty and importation tax on the importation of critical hurricane preparedness items, local businesses and homes can strengthen their infrastructural resilience against the effects of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

SRO-No.-13-of-2023-Customs-Duties-and-Consumption-Tax-Hurricane-Risk-Reduction-and-Resilience-Drive-Exemption-Order Until the expiration of the programme on September 30, 2023 businesses and homes can import, duty free – generators, change over switches, purpose-built or readymade storm shutters, chainsaws and saw blades for metal or wood, wood mulchers / wood chippers,
portable or mounted flood lights and solar lights, first aid and or trauma kits, screwdrivers, hammers, spanner, sockets, measuring tapes, pliers, utility knives, spirit levels, torch lights, clamps, gloves and protective eyewear.

Persons seeking to import items under the exemption programme should refer to SRO 13 of 2023 here for complete details of all instructions and conditions applying to the exemptions.