Hot Mix Placement Demonstration - MCWLE Photo

Commissioning of PWD’s Hot Mix Plant Progressing

The new hot mix plant acquired by the Public Works Department is undergoing several rounds of testing before it will be commissioned.

According to a government release, during the week of June 5 to 9, 2023, PWD, along with the supplier, Smart Asphalt Solutions, conducted various activities including demonstration exercises to test and prove the capability of the hot-mix plant.

Hot Mix Plant set up- MCWLE Photo

This was said to be the first stage of the “Commissioning Process”. A number of additional activities will also need to be undertaken before the plant can be fully commissioned.

The release noted that “mix design is critical to the demonstration. It is defined as the process of determining the appropriate amount of aggregate and asphalt binder to achieve the optimum combination for hot mix asphalt production and placement, ensuring functionality and compliance. This process involved transporting the asphalt, placing and compacting it at a designated site using relevant equipment and manpower. These activities were carried out with consideration for the safety of the driving or traveling public by working in low-traffic areas and prioritizing pothole repair, thereby minimizing potential hazards.”

Hot Mix Plant – MCWLE Photo

Once all of these activities and exercises are completed the hot mix plant will be officially commissioned and the road works planned by the Public Works Department for the island’s Road Infrastructure will begin, the release added.

The PWD team began the assembly of the Hot Mix Asphalt Plant below the PWD Workshop on March 30th 2023. Representatives from the plant’s supplier Smart Asphalt Solutions are assisting the department to complete these activities and to train staff on the plant’s operation ahead of its official commissioning.

The plant has been bought as part of the A01 Road Project under the Capital Investment Programme for Resilient Economic Growth (CIPREG) funded by the UK Government.