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Tropical Storm Heading South But Will Bring Rain and Winds to Leeward Islands


Bret is approaching the southern islands with 70 mph winds, just 4 shy of hurricane strength. A hurricane watch is in effect for St. Lucia; A Tropical Storm Warning in in effect for…
* Dominica
* St. Lucia
* Martinique

A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for…
* Barbados
* St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Tropical Storm Bret is expected to pass well South of Montserrat and neighbouring islands but is poised to bring strong winds and heavy rains to portions of the Leeward Islands later today and tonight, says the 5AM weather report.

According to the Antigua & Barbuda Meteorological Office, the centre of Tropical Storm Bret was located near latitude 13.7 North, longitude 56.6 West or about 363 miles Southeast of the Leeward Islands.

Bret is moving towards the West near 15 miles per hour and this general motion with an increase in forward speed is expected to continue during the next few days.

Bret 5AM

Maximum sustained winds are near 70 mph with higher gusts. Little change in strength is forecast during the next day or so while Bret approaches the Lesser Antilles. weakening is anticipated to begin Thursday night or Friday after Bret passes the Lesser Antilles, and the system is likely to dissipate over the central Caribbean Sea by Saturday.

Tropical storm force winds extend up to 115 miles from the centre.

The estimated minimum central pressure is 996 mb or 29.42 inches.

On its present track, Bret is forecast to move over the Windward Islands on Thursday well South of and at a safe distance from the Leeward and British Virgin Islands. no specific action is required of residents in the Leeward and British Virgin Islands at this time other than to keep monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Bret.