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Montserrat Port Development Project Little Bay

Weather Impacting Montserrat Port Development Project

(Press Release) The Montserrat Port Development Project faces temporary setbacks due to challenges arising from heavy sea swells and adverse weather conditions. The project team has been managing these issues to ensure the successful completion of the project.

The ongoing construction of the causeway has encountered material loss attributed to the impact of heavy sea swells. The project’s contractor, in a proactive measure, had anticipated the possibility of such occurrences, given the nature of marine construction and the chosen construction methodology. In light of this development, no immediate actions will be taken until the pending storm subsides, and sea conditions become more favorable. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of the construction process remains the highest priority.

Wave action in Little Bay has removed much of the topsoil packed atop the new roadway built along the coastline. (Photo taken Monday, September 4, 2023)

Furthermore, the silt fences, a crucial element used to prevent silt from entering the water at the causeway works site and impacting the bay’s environment, will not be re-deployed until weather conditions permit.

The silt fences, designed to a specific height with weighted anchors, are vulnerable to elongation beyond their intended design under the influence of heavy sea swells, posing a risk of damage.

The next phase of construction for the causeway coastal protection works, involving the laying of the bedding layer, geotextile fabric, filter layer, and rock armor layer, will commence as soon as the geotextile fabric arrives. Large boulders designated for use as the rock armor layer are currently being stockpiled on-site, assuring the necessary protection against future weather events.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the concerns expressed by the public during this period. The support and understanding of the community are invaluable as we navigate and address these temporary challenges. The Montserrat Port Development Project remains dedicated to its mission of “Community Progress is our Purpose.”