FCDO Team Coming to Montserrat for Mid-Year Review

Governor Sarah Tucker announced Thursday that “there will be a visit next week of a small team of officials from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).”

When the Department for International Development (DFIC) was merged with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the responsibility in Montserrat for all budgetary aid from the UK Government, via the FCDO now sits within the Governor’s Office.

The governor stated in a press release that “the team will be on island to undertake a mid-year review of the Financial Aid Mission (FAM) at official level, meeting ministries and departments, working alongside the Deputy Financial Secretary and the team, to review the deliverables to date, understanding spend areas, and to discuss any areas of challenge, or concern.

“This mid-year process at official level has been introduced to reduce the burden of work at the main FAM, which will be held in January 2024, enabling that time to be used to look at forward plans, strategies and new spends. The team of three will be on island from Sunday to Friday, with the Governor and the Financial Secretary (ag) hosting a small event on Thursday evening,” the release stated.