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AI generated image of a speed limit sign in a tunnel of trees.

MCWLE to Review RMPS Speed Limit Enforcement Measures

A recent decision by the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) to use speed guns to enforce the speed limits is to be reviewed by the Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour, and Energy (MCWLE).

Road Transportation is within the purview of MCWLE and the Minister Dr. Samuel Joseph said he has called for a review of Montserrat’s speed limits in response to the RMPS’s plant to intensify speed limits enforcement.

The police service announced at the start of this week, that due to complaints about speeding and “in an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents; officers will be deployed with speed guns to enforce the law. The speed limit in Montserrat is 20mph. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to speed. If found guilty you could receive a fine of $750 or to a term of imprisonment for four months.”

This announcement triggered public outcry on social media, many calling for the police to rethink the plan.

Minister Joseph said in a statement that the ministry will evaluate the 20mph speed limit “to ensure it aligns with both safety needs and practicality. The Ministry is working with various stakeholders for a thorough assessment, urging the community to drive responsibly in the meantime. Further details on the review and public consultation will be shared at a later date.”

During the recent St. Patrick’s Festival there were several traffic accidents. Statistically, more accidents occur in Montserrat during festival periods in March, July and December when there is an increase of visitors, driving on our narrow and curvy roads.