Placement of caisson (GIU Photo)

Marine Construction Works Begin at the Little Bay Port Project

(GIU Press Release) – Wednesday, 17 April 2024 marked a historic moment in the Port Development Project and the advancement of Montserrat on a whole; as the first of the reinforced concrete caissons has been placed into the water which signals the progression of the marine construction works for the Montserrat Port Development Project.

The Contractor, Meridian Construction Company Ltd., successfully started the placement of these caissons which would form the foundational elements that would make up the future pier for Montserrat.

The Port Development Project Team explained that what was placed today are temporary caissons which would allow the contractor to advance works for the pushing out of the Ro-Ro Ramp area and the construction of the adjoining pier section. The temporary caissons would be covered with a concrete slab and then a metal ramp to allow the crane to move further out for the placement of the permanent caissons on the Northwestern side of the temporary caissons and the Southwestern side of the temporary caissons. (This is shown in the caisson layout image).

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A total of ten (10) temporary caissons will be placed to allow for the placement of the permanent caissons. The permanent caissons will be placed shortly after the temporary ones are put in place, and the other necessary activities for safe operation of the crane is completed.

Once the placing of the permanent caissons for the Ro-Ro Ramp area is completed, the temporary caissons would be removed and reused as permanent caissons later in the pier construction process. The Base unit (D-1) caisson with a Full height unit (D-2) stacked on top of it would be used for as temporary caissons. The (D-1) measures 7.15m (23.5ft) long by 6.3m (20.6ft) wide by 1.8m (5.9ft) high while the D-2 measures 6.55m (21.5ft) long by 6.55m (21.5ft) wide by 3.0m (9.8ft) high.

This process is expected to continue over the next few weeks. Therefore, the public is reminded to adhere to avoid going/swimming near the exclusion area which has been established around the Port Development Project.