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No new taxes for Montserrat in 2010

BRADES – No new taxes are being proposed for 2010 says Chief Minister Reuben T. Meade. Rather than increasing taxes, the government will be looking at ways to make its services more efficient.

Chief Minister Meade said on Thursday that every effort will be made to attract private sector involvement as the government looks at ways to improve the quality of service delivery to the public. To this end private architects will be invited to submit bids for upcoming government construction projects.

“We are looking at privatizing certain services for example, cleaning. There is no reason someone cannot start a company and then government pays for the cleaning service. That same company can also have contracts with schools, banks and other private sector entities. We have to look at ways to develop our private sector,” the chief minister stated.

He added that all hands are needed on deck and called for civil servants to give their full day of service to the general public. “We must cut down on wastage. We must share ideas on how we can improve service delivery and no one should feel restricted by the fact something was always done one way. If there is a better way then we should be implementing it.”

Assessing the first three months as leader of government the chief minister said significant effort has been made to finalize several financial instruments to improve Montserrat’s standing on the international scene. He added that working to sure up the transportation system by supporting the launch of Fly Montserrat and investing in the ferry service between Antigua and Montserrat proved worthwhile, as complaints on getting to the island during the peak Christmas Festival season were minimal.

“Despite the ash we have had a great Christmas and Festival,” he said. “The festival committee will be starting work now on the 2010 Festival. Rather than wait until September to look for young ladies for the pageant and to find calypsonians, we will be starting now to prepare. St. Patrick’s Day festivities in March can be a practice run to help everyone be ready to have a good Festival in December. We must increase the effectiveness of our delivery of the event.”

Azaret Metrio Zintos