Student-teacher receives PC from Gov. Waterworth

Julissa Jarvis1BRADES – Julissa Jarvis a Fourth Form student at the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) received a computer from His Excellency the Governor, Peter Waterworth on Wednesday in support of her voluntary efforts to teach English to newcomers.

Jarvis speaks both English and Spanish and for the past two years has been teaching English to new residents coming from the Dominican Republic on the balcony of her home in Salem.

Recognising and congratulating Julissa for her efforts, the governor presented the computer to assist her initiatives with the Spanish-speaking population in Montserrat. During the presentation, he praised her voluntary spirit and stressed the need for everyone in Montserrat to have a good working knowledge English.

“Miss Jarvis is doing a commendable job on her own initiative,” said Governor Waterworth. “I hope that this computer will help in her endeavours as well as helping her in her own studies at MSS.”

The student, known to her friends as Julie, was born on Antigua and moved to Montserrat in 1999. She was a student of the St. Augustine Primary School before moving to the secondary school. This past December entered the Teenage Pageant and is an active member of the Catholic Youth Council. Her dream is to become an architect, once her studies are completed.

Julissa developed the English speaking programme that she uses to teach about 12 students at a time.


Photo Caption:  His Excellency the Governor, Peter Waterworth presents a computer to Fourth Form Student Julissa Jarvis. Julissa, a former Teen Pageant contestant has been teaching English to Spanish-speaking residents for the past two years on the porch of her home in Salem. (Courtesy Government House)