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Four national exhibitions open on Montserrat

 BRADES – As part of the creative expression of Montserrat, four National exhibitions will be on display here starting this week.
These are the:
             i.        National Trust Exhibition, Molten Memories, which opened here on Monday and runs for about one month. This exhibition features photographs taken by Gary Mark Smith in 1995 and 1997. It brings to life scenes in Montserrat during the early days of the volcanic crisis and is a ‘must see’ for residents and visitors alike;
           ii.        Montserrat Secondary School exhibition which can be viewed on the grounds of the Montserrat National Trust. It features a sample of the work done by students most of whom were drawn from the third form. Included in this display is a miniature working model of a sugar mill and a thread mill;
          iii.        Montserrat Arts and Craft Association features local craft items and can be viewed at the Arts and Craft Outlet at Brades.
         iv.        The Montserrat Public Library exhibition focuses on three local slave plantations – Gallaways, Blakes and Waterworks. It includes a pictorial view of a traditional plantation, and provides an overview of life on a plantation.
On display are books by Sir Howard Fergus, Marion Wheeler and Lydia  Pulsipher, who did extensive work on Galloway’s Plantation. Her archeological review of Galloway’s Plantation forms part of the exhibition. This exhibition can be viewed at the Public Library until the end of March. 
The Hon. Colin Riley was on hand to open the exhibitions at the National Trust premises on Monday. He used the opportunity to appeal for more charitable donations. Residents were asked to increase the size and frequency of contributions.