Chee Chee and the Caribbean Adventure Series arrive at the Montserrat Public Library

Cover of Pirates at Port Royal. Book 2 in the Caribbean Adventure Series by Kittitian author Carol Mitchell

BRADES, Montserrat – Readers around the Caribbean have been falling in love with Chee Chee, the vervet monkey and the three children he takes on adventures into the region’s past. Now, children on Montserrat will have the same opportunity as the Montserrat Public Library has finally received its copies for lending.

“We love to feature books by Caribbean writers and I am thrilled that we have the first two books in the Caribbean Adventure Series by Kittitian author Carol Mitchell,” said Librarian Sonja Smith.

The books are about three West Indian children, Mark, Kyle and Ingrid who have adventures that lead them to discover their history. The first, Adventure at Brimstone Hill is set at the Brimstone Hill National Fortress Park in St. Kitts where they wander down a tunnel in search of their pet monkey and find themselves in the past and in the middle of a historical battle at sea between the British and the French.

Easily the most memorable character in each of Mitchell’s books is Mark’s pet monkey Chee Chee. “Vervet monkeys are plentiful in St. Kitts, so the inspiration was certainly right in my face. They are also so intelligent and full of mischief, they really lend themselves to this sort of story,” the author explained. “I am very happy that another island in the Caribbean will have the books available for children to read. I would like to see the books become dog-eared and worn from the many hours children spend enjoying the stories.”

This Saturday’s Reading Corner at the library begins at 10:30 am and children will be able to hear sections of the first book Adventure at Brimstone Hill read to them. The following Saturday, portions of the Pirates at Port Royal will be read.

In Pirates at Port Royal, the children become a part of a true and spectacular adventure with the infamous pirate Henry Morgan. The children once again have to use their wits to save their lives.

The librarian says they will shortly announce an essay competition for young readers who’ve read both books.

Adventure at Brimstone Hill and Pirates of Port Royal are now available on You can learn more about Mark, Kyle and Ingrid’s adventures and Vervet monkeys like Chee Chee by visiting

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