Montserrat legislatures accept new constitution

LITTLE BAY, Montserrat -The Legislative Council voted on Thursday evening seven to two with two abstentions to pass the resolution to adopt the new Montserrat constitution.

All six elected members on the MCAP-led government voted for the resolution, along with the Leader of the Opposition Victor James. Opposition members Dr. Lowell Lewis and Don Romeo voted against while the Attorney General and the Financial Secretary abstained.

In his remarks during the sitting, Mr. James felt enough time had been spent on the constitution and it was time to focus on rebuilding the economy. Opposition member Don Romeo, was apparently caught off guard by the decision to pass the resolution on Thursday, this, the Honourable Chief Minister Reuben Meade said was ridiculous adding that the government had not ambushed the opposition in passing the resolution.

The Honourable Minister of Agriculture Easton Farrell Taylor also believed enough time had been spent on the constitution, which has been discussed and consulted on for at least eight years.

In June, additional time was requested by the general public and three months was given to allow for public education. The Chief Minister’s Office in collaboration with the Constitution Implementation and Advisory Committee (CIAC) held a series of radio discussions and town hall meetings in four key villages to share information about the proposed draft constitution.