ZJB and GIU to make short film

SWEENEY’S, Montserrat – Radio Montserrat (ZJB) and the Government Information Unit (GIU) will produce a film entitled ‘Choices’. The short film will seek to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Providing some background information on the film, Director of Information and Communication, Nerissa Golden said, “ZJB and GIU are part of the Caribbean Broadcasting Media Partnership on HIV and AIDS and all of the regional members are asked from time to time to produce different content to share throughout the region”.

“Choices’ is a short film that should be about ten minutes long when it’s done, but it will be a dramatic ten minutes,” expressed Ms. Golden.


Director of Information and Communication, Nerissa Golden (left) speaking with Viona Alexander (right)

She further explained that the film will “showcase and talk about different perceptions of sexuality, how aware we are about the disease and protecting ourselves and our relationships. It is based on the track that is produced by local artists Ringtone, the 501 Crew and Prosper, for the HIV/STI promotions unit. So, ‘Choices’ will be an extended storyline based around that song”.