LIME Montserrat restoring service after lightning storm

SWEENEYS, Montserrat – An unexpected lightning storm on Tuesday afternoon caused service disruption to some LIME Montserrat customers but according to the company, all systems are back online and they are working to deal with all of the complaints received in a timely manner.

General Manager Joseph Cassell said Wednesday they have seen a 300% increase in the number of faults reported following the storm, which brought significant rain, thunder and lightning to the island in the space of three hours. “Our business unit continues to treat faults on a first in – first out basis with business faults being given priority,” he said. “All major platforms which deliver service to customers – mobile, fixed and Internet – are 100% operational and in service.”

The LIME infrastructure suffered damage to the controller circuitry in a back-up generator and lost processing capacity on one of the broadband Internet routers. The storm also damaged the power supply for the St. Peters mobile site, which remained in service as a result of redundant systems. “The Mars Hill mobile site sustained serious damage to its link infrastructure during the lightning events and was returned to service in the afternoon of Wednesday 14 September.”

Several business telephone systems have been damaged and had to be replaced by LIME. “As the teams continue work to repair each fault which has been logged, we ask for our customers’ support and patience as we bring service back to the normal levels,” requested Cassell.

Persons still experiencing service faults with landline, mobile or internet service should contact 1-800-804-2994. You can also receive updates on the company by liking their page by searching for LIME MNI or follow them on @limemni.