Leprechaun's Revenge is back for Montserrat’s St. Patrick Festival

Leprechaun Valley, Montserrat  – Combining leprechauns, gold coins, traditional cuisine and world music can only mean that it is time for Leprechaun’s Revenge, an all-night fete happening during the St. Patrick’s Festival on Montserrat.

Scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2015, the event is perfect for revelers who love to party under the stars says promoter Roydenn Silcott of Hypnotik Montserrat.

2015-02-19-Leprechauns Revenge2014Leprechaun’s Revenge will be held at Leprechaun Valley, Bunkum Bay and features specialty cocktails with Irish-inspired names, cashless bars and food stations.

Silcott said the fete, which is a prelude to the upcoming 10th Anniversary of the Hypnotik family, is targeted at a wide audience. “We start at 8pm for those patrons who want a nice evening out but aren’t into all night partying. Then the hard core revelers can join us later on as we get musically charged by selections from DJs Tyrone, Moto and E-1, while enjoying food even after the sun comes up.”

Hypnotik Montserrat is a one stop media network which boasts the ability to cover events from conception to execution.  According to Silcott, “Hypnotik personifies our passion for music, photography, graphic design and event planning.” The chemistry among his brother, Ian Gerald and childhood friends Kemuel Cabey, Michael Skerritt, and Theodore Philip, has resulted in a repertoire of unique, innovative and high energy events.

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St. Patrick’s Week Festival is held annually on Montserrat and is a tribute to both the island’s Irish and African heritage.

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