International Community Has Moral Obligation to Help the Caribbean, says CARICOM Head

CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Larocque (MNISpirit Photo)
CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Larocque (MNISpirit Photo)

BRADES – International donors have a “moral responsibility” to help Caribbean nations develop, says Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Ambassador Irwin Larocque.
Speaking to members of the Montserrat press corps on Monday, April 13, 2015 at the end of a brief visit, the official said much of what the Caribbean now deals with was not caused by our efforts but caused by more developed nations.
When asked if part of CARICOM’s new strategy was to find ways to wean itself of international aid, the ambassador responded: “I would dare say I don’t see it happening in the near future. Our development issues are growing. For example climate change. This is a creation of developed countries. Hurricanes are more intense. Ten years ago a hurricane took three to five days to go from a category one to five now they happen in less than 24 hours.”
Developed countries who have the ability the contribute to helping the Caribbean deal with this issue and other critical ones such and crime and security should do so.
“Drugs are coming from one region, passing through ours on their way to others,” Larocque added. With the trafficking of drugs comes the increase in hand gun violence which continues to increase according to the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime.
The CARICOM official said harnessing the tremendous talents of Caribbean nationals across the region and in the Diaspora to create a community where they can contribute will “help us towards self reliance. Development assistance can’t be predicated on a country’s GDP. It must be seen as a developmental tool.”