Reasons We Love Montserrat

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It’s Green – There are about 100,000 shades of green on this little bit of paradise and we love everyone of them. The Centre Hills are visible from every direction and their is nothing more amazing to see first thing in the morning or as you head home at night.

Fruits. Yes we all wish mangoes were available every day of the year but we settle for at least two bountiful harvests with more than enough to go around. However, when there are no mangoes, you can get gineps, sea grapes, plums, spiced guavas, and the list goes on. Eat up!

We love pretty things. Flowers are in abundance here and a few people pride themselves on nurturing even the most delicate of orchids.

Traffic. If you’ve found yourself caught in a traffic jam most likely there are road works ahead or a parade/street jam. It doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes to get to most places on island. I’ll be right there means exactly that, unless we meet a friend on the way then…

Drink up. Whether straight from the tap or bottled, you will not find any water that tastes better.

Backyard Gardens. You may not have a green thumb but I bet your neighbour does. Garden lovers enjoy the mineral rich soil from which they happily share tomatoes. okras, pumpkin or more. Chat up your neighbour please.

Beach life. We don’t have many beaches but none of them are every far away from where you are. Take a soak in it.

Free Ocean Views. If someone tries to sell you a property with an ocean view for a ridiculous price, demand more as just about every where on island, the ocean is visible and we love it. Slow down long enough to take in that velvet blue sea from Sweeney’s looking out to Redonda or pause in Woodlands to grab another stunning vision of blue.

It’s Home. The best part about leaving Montserrat is returning. Many residents will tell you that after a short time away there is an undeniable pull to return home. Do you feel it?