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Miss Montserrat Entertains at NYC AIDS Walk

NEW YORK  – Miss Montserrat Sharissa Ryan had another busy week in New York which included making appearances at several charity events.

She attended the Montserrat Progressive Society of New York Mother’s Day Extravaganza, followed by a red carpet appearance at Caribbean Dreamers Live on May 12, 2015. This past weekend she performed with the alternative music band British Dependency at the New York AIDS Walk.

Sharissa, who holds a BSc in Business Management, played violin on Close Your Eyes with the Anguilla-based band now making waves across the US.

“This was my first time playing with a band and it was a really great experience,” Sharissa told Discover Montserrat. “Playing the violin with them gave me the chance to work on my stage presence. They were so welcoming to me and I really appreciated the fact that they invited me to play the violin with them.”

She took advantage of all the star power around to grab photos with actor and lead singer Leon of Leon and the Peoples. “It was a pleasure meeting Leon! He is such a great performer and his band is amazing.”

The appearances were arranged by Sharissa’s sister and brand manager Coretta Ryan of Coretta Ryan Consulting working with fellow Montserratian Victor Lewis of VicRae, Inc..

The ladies wish to thank you to chaperone Penny Maloney, sponsor Susan Edgecombe of Tradewinds Real Estate and Victor Lewis of VicRae Inc. for their continued support of her reign.

Check out some of the photos here.