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Former Parliamentary Secretary Concerned About Montserrat's State of Affairs

BRADES – Former Parliamentary Secretary Jermaine Wade says he’s concerned about the current state of affairs on island, charging that the new government had brought change, but not for the better.
Wade, who now works in the Office of the Opposition in which his MCAP party now sits, said in a Facebook post on Monday, May 18, 2015 that private sector growth was on the decline, “no capital projects on the horizon, no leadership provided, no jobs, no plans for our youth, no money in the pockets our citizens. Absolutely nothing is happening on Montserrat from this fresh start.”
He made mention of the PDM Government’s call for a fresh start which he says there is “nothing to show, nothing to tell, no development, no progress” eight months in.
Wade, who served as the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture charged that Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo was “making blind promises” encouraging Montserratians abroad to return home to invest but with no clear vehicles by which they could do so. “You must pave the way, lay the foundation for them to build on. You must create the jobs you promised, you must share the wealth you promised, you must reduce the excessive government charges you promised, you must provide the opportunities for them to start businesses that you promised, you must stimulate the economy as you promised and put people to work,” he charged.