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24-Room Hostel in the Works for Football Association

BLAKE’S ESTATE – Montserrat will soon be able to attract more international football tournaments once a planned 24-room hostel is completed.

The project which is funded by FIFA should begin construction as early as July, according to president of the Montserrat Football Association Vincent Cassell.
The hostel is the third phase in the FIFA GOAL project which saw the creation of the international-standard football pitch and the stands in phase one and two.

Cassell said US$500,000 of MFA’s US$750,000 bonus from World Cup 2014 is to be invested in the project.

While local hotels and guesthouses benefit when the island hosts international games, Cassell said the high cost of accommodations and meals has made it prohibitive for more tournaments to be held here. Having the hostel would enable Montserrat to be considered for matches hosted under the CONCACAF and FIFA bodies.