Curacao v Montserrat (Tony Bates Photo)

Sports Bodies asked to Register with Sports Department

BRADES – Local sports groups are being encouraged to register with the Sports Department so that support for the sector can be given in a more holistic way, says the Sports Minister.

The Honourable Minister of Sports Delmaude Ryan was responding to a question from Discover Montserrat about the challenges the Montserrat Football Association was facing with the high customs duties on footballs.

Ryan said rather than continuing the practice of dealing with each sports group on an ad hoc basis, they are looking at implementing policies which can benefit all registered sports clubs.

“We have already spoken with the basketball and football associations to discuss how to develop the sports. We want to meet with all to know what their needs are so we can put the proper policies to facilitate the development of sport,” Minister Ryan explained.”We don’t know the hurdles they are dealing with so we want to look at it across the broad. No longer will we just be giving a subvention but we want to see a plan as to how the sport will be developed.”

The minister said ideally sports groups will be connected to the schools and communities so their can be growth along each level with the goal of preparing athletes for international competition.

“Sports can bring economic benefit to Montserrat and we want to offer our athletes more exposure to international competition outside of Montserrat. I want to see the sports groups think big. Montserrat can reach a global level in sports.”

All sports groups including netball, volleyball and Tae Kwon Do are encouraged to contact the Sports Department located at the Government Headquarters in Brades.