Governor Davis Swears in New UK Citizens

BRADES – Last Friday, four residents of Montserrat became British Citizens.05-27-15-CitizenshipCeremony

According to information from the Governor’s Office, present at the ceremony were His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis and Acting Premier Delmaude Ryan.

Governor Davis presented the residents with their Certificates of Registration as British Citizens, who were also administered the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and the Pledge of Loyalty to the United Kingdom.

“By reaching and obtaining British citizenship you have exercised the right you enjoy as British Overseas Territory Citizens under the 2002 legislation. Though a right, it is nonetheless an important decision you have taken to seek British citizenship by registration. It is proper that the fulfilment of that process should be marked in a formal way. The process, and the ceremony at the end of it, is a matter to which Ministers in Her Majesty’s Government in Britain attach great importance,” the governor said in his remarks.05-27-15-CitizenshipCeremony2

“They consider that the taking of a new nationality is a matter of great significance for any individual. British law now requires that those who acquire British Nationality in this way must not only demonstrate a commitment to the United Kingdom, but also a knowledge of its history, institutions and language.

“As an Overseas Territory and part of the Realm of her Majesty, Montserrat has special links with Great Britain. We share a common legal system. But our connections go much further than that through our history, our people and our culture,” he ended

Nationals must first become naturalised as British Overseas Territories Citizens before they can attain British Citizenship.