Multi-Textual Art Now on Display at JavaLava

ST. PETER’S – There is diversity in the textures and the context of the artwork now on display at the JavaLava Coffee House in St. Peters.

The latest creations of five of the island’s artists were launched Friday, May 29, 2015 at the second Meet the Artist exhibition at the local eatery.

Proprietor Vidya Bikhoff said it has been a dream to be able to create a space for artists to share their work and so she was pleased that the five creatives had agreed to be a part of the event.

Anjelica Sweeney has five pieces in the exhibition all of which were birthed from her emotions.

“The pieces are acrylic and oil and inspired by how I’m feeling. Kiss a Wish is an oil painting and it was inspired by the memory of growing up in Virginia where we had lots of dandelions. You would sit outside and blow on them or pull the petals and make a wish,” she explained.

Sweeney is self taught after growing up around paintings, museums and the art world as her mother was an art historian. She told the gathering that since moving to Montserrat a year ago she’s been inspired to take up painting and was honoured to have been invited to be a part of the new art series.

Multi-talented artist and performer Tabu Duberry said later this year he will be hosting an exhibition of his work which runs across various disciplines. As the art teacher at the secondary school he has become comfortable with different art mediums and so his work runs from paintings to digital art. Several of the pieces now on display feature a trip down memory lane capturing images of iconic locations of Montserrat.

New permanent resident to Montserrat Jim Brown said he always liked quilts but they tended to be on the feminine side. This led him to create quilts with more darker masculine colours and textures.

Harriet Joan Peakes has been painting for 28 years and enjoys creating as well as teaching art. She works primarily in watercolours and has created murals for places such as the Montserrat National Trust. Along with paintings, on display is a collection of jewelry and beaded glassware.

New pieces from Shan Murrell are included in the exhibition. Shan was the first featured artist at the coffee house and she expressed gratitude that she was given another opportunity to share her work. During the opening, the artist demonstrated how she creates her collage art using cut outs from magazines and other print materials.

Most of the work on display are for sale and will be available for viewing until the end of June.