Rihanna's Song Inspires New Inter-Racial Romance by Bajan Author: What Now?

Cover-WHAT-NOW-WEB-PAGE (819x1280)How did Bad Girl Rihanna’s track What Now inspire Bajan author’s new book? Read on to find out.

Rock star Nick Badley has no bucket list; he’s living it. He’s been there and done that, yet a part of him is still unfulfilled and he’s beginning to ask himself the question: What now?

What Now? Is asked and answered in the latest novel by Barbados Today columnist and author, Donna Every.

This is Every’s fourth romance novel but for the first time it is not set on her home turf of Barbados.

Every says: “While my last novel The Price of Freedom, was set in Barbados, this novel is set in the US and to a lesser extent in Barbados.
Journalist Shari Goodwin would rather be reporting about the effect of micro-financing on women in developing nations. Instead, she’s been assigned to follow around Nick Badley, like a groupie, to make a documentary about him.
When they meet, both of them resent having to work with the other. Shari sees him as an overindulged rock star who has earned the nickname, Nick Bad. Nick sees her as a judgmental reporter whose surname suits her to the max. So, when attraction flares between them, Shari is determined to fight it. After all, Nick is in the habit of having any woman he wants and she refuses to be the next in line.

Every says that she had the concept for the novel in her head and it was confirmed when she heard two songs on the radio one after the other on the same day: “Faithfully” by Journey and “What Now?” by Rihanna. The book takes us inside the world of a rock star and the woman who is about it to rock Nick to the core. Donna combines inspiration, passion and romance in her novels which feature inter-racial couples.
What Now? is now available on Amazon’s Kindle store.

Listen to What Now by Rihanna here…