MSS CXC Results for 2015 Released

SALEM – The Montserrat Secondary School has received the preliminary results for students who wrote the CSEC EXAMINATIONS in May/June 2015.
Forty five (45) students entered to write CXC exams this year. The students wrote a total of two hundred and eighty six (286) subject entries in the 2014 CSEC Examinations at General and Technical Proficiency Levels. Based on the provisional results, Grades I – III passes were obtained in two hundred and twenty five (225) of them yielding a pass rate of 80.1% up from 64% in 2014.
Of the 20 subject proficiencies taken at the CXC, (1) 100% passes were recorded in eight of them namely: Chemistry, Caribbean History, Electricity, Principles of Business, English B, Technical Drawing, French and Principles
of Accounts.
(2) Pass rates ranging from 90 to 95% were recorded for Information Technology, Biology, Geography, Spanish and Agriculture.
(3) Integrated Science recorded an 89% pass rate while an 81% pass rate was recorded for Social Studies.
A pass rate of 71.4% was recorded for English A, up from 56.5% in 2014. Math recorded a 67.4% pass rate up from 50% in 2014.
Notable student performances in the examinations are set out below:
Passes in nine subject areas were obtained by;
Beverly Browne – 2Grade 1s 5 Grade 2s 2 Grade 3s
Isis Harvey – 5 Grade 1s 4 Grade 2s
Habibata Kassim- 2 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s 5 Grade 3s
The following students recorded passes in 8 subject areas:
Chenea Browne – 4 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s 2 Grade 3s
Warren Cassell – 3 Grade 1s 3 Grade 2s 2 Grade 3s
Daniel Edgecombe- 3 Grade 1s 4 Grade 2s 1 Grade 3
Jolaine Greenaway – 5 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s 1 Grade 3
Allen Mullings – 4 Grade 1s 4 Grade 2s
Tyron Parillon – 3 Grade 1s 5 Grade 3s
Meliek Richards – 6 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s
Carlisle Vyphuis- 2 Grade 1s 6 Grade 2s
Olajuwon Williams- 1 Grade 1 4 Grade 2s 3 Grade 3s
Zhori Duberry, Stephonelle Francois, Keyola Greene, Guvinda Hemraj, Fazil Moinnodeen, Dexter Small and Brendon Tuitt each recorded passes in seven subject areas.
Four students recorded passes in 6 subject areas, while seven students passed 5 subjects.

Thirty of the thirty four students (88%) who wrote 5 or more subjects gained passes in at least 5 subjects.
Twenty four of them, (70.5%), gained passes which included both Math and English.
A key indicator for education is the percentage of students in the year five cohort who obtain 5 or more CSEC passes including English and Math. This year 42% of the year five cohort obtained 5+ CSEC passes including Math and English. This is up from the 29% achieved in 2014 and well in excess of the school’s target which was 31%.
The school extends congratulations to the students who were successful, the teachers for their hard work and dedication and the parents for their support. The school is especially grateful for the support of all part time teachers and their employers which facilitated their contribution during a year which was a most challenging one.
For those who were not as successful as they would have liked, the school encourages them to pursue further studies with the strong belief that learning should be a lifelong activity.