Team Montserrat Presents Digicrops App at First OECS Hackathon

Team Montserrat at work at the ECCB Office. (Digicrops Photo)
Team Montserrat at work at the ECCB Office. (Digicrops Photo)

BRADES – Team Montserrat designed a working prototype called Digicrops, for selling agricultural goods online for the first OECS Business Solutions Hackathon.
Held from Thursday August 12 until Saturday August 15, 2015 teams from across the OECS competed for prizes by creating solutions to several business challenges.
Team leader Dr Samuel Joseph said they felt very confident about their presentation although Team Grenada presented a similar idea.
Team Anguilla presented a tool called Ed Connector which would bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers. Team Saint Lucia created a great application to monitor and simplify traffic violations. Team Antigua pitched C-Link, a shopping and advertising platform.

Members of Team Montserrat are: Dr. Samuel Joseph (lead), Manish Valechha, Jhovan Daniel, Dexter Small, and Enver Browne.

Winners of the Hackathon will be announced on Tuesday.

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