Teen Entrepreneur Interviews Several Self-Made Multimillionaires

Warren Cassell Jr, Entrepreneur and author
Warren Cassell Jr, Entrepreneur and author

Cover-FarmofWisdom-WarrenCassellJrOLVESTON – Warren Cassell Jr., a sixteen year old entrepreneur and the author of ‘The Farm of Wisdom‘, is giving teenagers and millennials the opportunity to hear his one-on-one phone interviews with multimillionaire entrepreneurs through a new interview series called ‘Teen Tycoon’.

The debut episode will feature media mogul and former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestant, Nely Galan. During the very personal conversation, Nely recounts her childhood as a Cuban immigrant living in the United States and shares the exact steps she took to build her media empire.

“The aim of the show is to help craft the next generation of tycoons,” Cassell explains. “Each episode features an in-depth one-on-one conversation with a highly accomplished individual. I have them walk me through their path to success as well as share the mistakes that they made along their journey.”

Internationally renowned sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer, CNBC contributor Carol Roth and successful real estate investor Tim Rhode are a handful of the millionaires who will be making an appearance on the series. A new episode of the ‘Teen Tycoon’ will be released everyday during the month of September. The show will be available for download on iTunes, and it will also be uploaded to Youtube.

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The Abella Group is a privately held investment holding company that exclusively manages the businesses and investments of teenage investor, Warren Cassell Jr.

About Warren Cassell, Jr. 
Like most adolescents, Warren balances his time between schoolwork and extracurricular activities, but that’s probably the most he has in common with his peers. Warren, 16, is a published author and one of the Caribbean’s most followed entrepreneurs. Since starting his first business at the age of 8, Warren has worked with a wide range of clients from five continents. Obsessed with the idea of helping millions of people maximize their true potential, Warren and his work have been featured by CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, The Huffington Post and many other widely read media outlets.