Member of Ruling PDM Party Resigns

Dr Ingrid Buffonge

Dr Ingrid BuffongePDM

ST. JOHN’S – The Honourable Member of Parliament Dr Ingrid Buffonge has resigned from the ruling party.
Dr Buffonge confirmed to Discover Montserrat on Friday afternoon that she had called the Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo to inform him that she no longer held any confidence in his ability to lead the Government of Montserrat.
“There are multiple reasons why I have made this decision,” said Buffonge, who received the second highest number of votes in the September 2014 elections behind the premier.
Only recently on radio, the parliamentarian who is a physician hinted at possible restructuring in the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM). However, in a recent press conference, Premier Romeo said any issues they were experiencing were being handled internally.
“I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders,” she told Discover. “I am not into bad relationships.”
The PDM Government recently celebrated its first year in office amid rumours of discord among the current members.
ZJB News is also reporting that the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock, another member of the PDM  has informed the premier that he no longer wishes to hold that post.

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  1. David Fenton says:

    Dr.I’m sorry, but i’m totally do not agreed with you.What you should have done before,tendering your resignation, you should have come out, and addressed both the Montserratians, both at home and abroad of what was taking place in an Administration for whom you were part of. You leaving the Government does not help your district, and Montserratians on a whole.

  1. September 18, 2015

    […] – The Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo said Friday evening that despite the recent resignation of Dr Ingrid Buffonge from his party, the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) remains united. He reiterated the party […]

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