AQUA Montserrat to host Fish ‘n Fins Parents Day with Beach Obstacle Course

Fish N Fins Collage (Aqua Montserrat)
Fish N Fins Collage (Aqua Montserrat)

LITTLE BAY – In association with Waitt Institute, Blue Halo Montserrat & Ministry of Environment & Fisheries, this Sunday, 20th September, AQUA Montserrat will host Fish ‘N Fins Parents Day. This Parents Day will bring all parents and children together from the two Fish ‘N Fins Ocean Camps held this summer.
Camp Director and Owner of AQUA Montserrat, Veta Wade, invites all Fish ‘N Fins parents to the event, which she says, “will highlight the new sea skills and knowledge gained by our children, by way of an exciting beach, obstacle course, intended for fun-filled interaction between parents and children.”
Parents & children are asked to wear swimwear, or comfortable outdoor clothing, bring a towel, sunscreen and a change of clothes.
There will be refreshments, goodies for the children, a presentation of the programme, and a big prize draw.
The AQUA Montserrat owner, also confirmed that, Fish ‘N Fins weekend Ocean Club starts on October 4th from 2PM to 4PM and every Sunday thereafter at the same time.
“With the support of our partners Waitt Institute & Blue Halo Montserrat, we aim to inspire awareness and respect for our oceans; and create knowledgeable, culturally aware & passionate ocean stewards,” said Veta.
AQUA Montserrat & Fish ‘N Fins welcome volunteer and commercial support. If you can volunteer your time or expertise or wish to donate to Fish ‘N Fins, please do so by emailing