Montserrat Red Cross Needs More Volunteers

Montserrat Red Cross chairman Andre West.
Montserrat Red Cross chairman Andre West.

There is a need for more volunteers with the Montserrat Red Cross.
This was reiterated by several key officials during the 50th Annual General Meeting of the Montserrat Branch of the British Red Cross on Wednesday, October 21. 2015.
Chairman of the Board Andre West said the need for more volunteers was critical.
MRC Director Wendy Steed added that help was needed to continue to meet its targets as they had in the previous reporting year.
The Red Cross has focused much of its energy on disaster response and community advocacy. Their new disaster plan was tested during the passing of Tropical storms Danny and Erika. Bettrice Jones, the Disaster Committee Chair said as a result of this, the plan was adjusted before submission.
Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere was in attendance and has agreed to be the new Patron for the Red Cross. A fundraising event will be planned for early in 2016 to support the initiatives of the organisation.
Currently work is in progress to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Social Services Department as part of its work to help the vulnerable in the community.
John Skerritt, who chaired the meeting as one of the lifelong members of the charity said “as the old management team gives way to a new team let us be mindful of the principles that throughout the years have made the Red Cross respected, credible,
and inspiring; the go to organization in times of need and the moral and social compass when it comes to protecting the dignity of mankind.”
The new management team voted in by members are: Andre West, Albrun Semper, Mary Blake, Carol Williams, Ingrid Osborne, Milykhia McKenzie, and Goodwin Ceasar.