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Foster Carers Needed, Says Social Services

The Social Services Department wants professional foster carers.

According to Child Safeguarding Specialist with the department, Elaine Ryan, a three-day workshop will begin on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 to identify potential foster carers for children on island.

Ryan says there is currently a need for carers who can assist on a short, medium and long term basis.

“Over the last six months we realised there was a need for the right type of foster carers. Every child deserves the right to be in a safe and comfortable environment,” she said. “We aim to professionalise foster carers. When you are given the responsibility of caring for other people’s children than your own then it requires some training.”

Ryan said participants will go through a rigorous assessment to review their parenting skills, how they deal with challenges and their motivation for wanting to care for children who most often have been experiencing problems. A panel will have to approve each applicant before they will be allowed to become a foster parent.

Residents are invited to register today at the Social Services Department in Sweeney’s to be able to attend the workshop which starts at 1PM to 4PM. Applicants can still register for the workshop up until 10AM on Tuesday morning.