Kenneth "Rabo" Silcott Joins Arts Council

Kenneth "Rabo" Silcott
Kenneth “Rabo” Silcott

The Montserrat Arts Council announces the appointment of a Planning & Production Head.
MAC said in a short release on Friday that Kenneth “Rabo” Silcott is now the Head of Planning & Production at the Montserrat Arts Council and will manage key national cultural events by providing logistics, planning and production support. He will also have oversight of MAC properties.
He is also responsible for liaising with stakeholders to facilitate the planning and production of National Festivals on Montserrat. Currently he is taking the lead on the upcoming December festival slated to kick off its first activity in one month.
Mr Silcott brings to the job experience in culture as a writer, performer and Calypsonian, and also many years as a client service manager at JP Morgan in the USA.